USA Rice Throws Taste Party at Local High School

Students roll with rice
Sep 21, 2017
ASHBURN, VA -- Today, USA Rice staff visited Rock Ridge High School in Loudoun County, Virginia, to host a “taste party” and celebrate National Rice Month (NRM).  During the lunch event, USA Rice taught more than 300 students about the U.S. rice industry and screened a short “Rice 101” film.

Following the presentation, students tested their U.S. rice knowledge on the Think Rice trivia wheel and sampled a dish of brown cilantro lime rice prepared by the school’s kitchen staff.     

“These school visits present a great opportunity for USA Rice.  We are able to teach students and faculty the importance of U.S. rice in a fun and casual environment,” said Cameron Jacobs, USA Rice domestic promotion manager.  ”Plus we got to hear from those on the front lines of school foodservice about cooking rice for a population of 1,200 students.”
Loudoun County’s school nutrition marketing coordinator, Stefanie Dove, created the taste party template and helped coordinate the event.  

In addition to participating in the taste party, USA Rice also donated a commercial rice cooker to the school to help with future production of U.S. rice dishes.

“This rice cooker is a tremendous addition to our school’s kitchen and with rice becoming a staple in our cafeteria, demand has never been higher,” said Sherri Foster-Craft, Rock Ridge’s school nutrition manager.