Cookbook Features Home Cooks and Their Favorite Rice Recipes

Rice-in-Our-Home-Cookbook-contributor-presents copy of cookbook
Add this to your rice repertoire
Oct 30, 2017
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – A new USA Rice cookbook, “Arroz en Nuestro Hogar” (Rice in our Home) was unveiled at a ceremony here earlier this month.  Volume two of this popular magazine is comprised of rice recipes created by home cooks who have participated in USA Rice consumer cook-offs, and, thanks to the knowledge gained at these events, learned a wide range of rice dishes and are cooking more rice at home.

At the breakfast, 38 guests, including several of the home cooks featured in the magazine, representatives from partner organizations that helped produce the consumer cook-offs, publishers of the magazine, and the host of the Arroz Gourmet TV show participated in a round table discussion about USA Rice activities and the impact of the magazine.  

Home cooks were surprised to learn that U.S.-grown rice was so economical, nutritious, and versatile.  Many said the USA Rice training had expanded their rice repertoire beyond one or two basic dishes and now included rice recipes for appetizers, main courses, and desserts.  One cook said, “Before the classes, rice was a taboo for me.  I always thought it was hard to prepare and not too tasteful, but we learned to combine rice with other ingredients to create a wide range of delicious recipes.”

A handful of the magazine’s featured home cooks displayed their recipes and gave testimonials during an Instagram live story with more than 200 participants.  The home cooks were proud of their recipes and stated that they will continue to share their new creations on social media.

“These USA Rice cookbooks are popular and sell out fast,” said Rocio Navarro, an editor at Mango Publishing Company.  “The magazines are relatable and readers like to see people, like them, preparing rice dishes they can easily recreate in their home kitchens.”