U.S. Rice Goes Wild on Social Media in the UK

Sea-Bass stuffed with wild rice, wrapped in foil, on cutting board, next to USA-Rice-Apron
Bloggers shared their own recipes made with U.S. wild rice with their followers and fellow home cooks
Feb 05, 2021
LONDON, UK – Time spent on social media and the percentage of food items bought online have increased among the UK population as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  To capitalize on this trend, USA Rice recently teamed up with a group of internet influencers and magazines here to reach health-conscious consumers, foodies, and chefs, and spread the word about U.S. wild rice.  

The goal of this promotion was to educate the UK internet audience on the healthiness and versatility of U.S. wild rice, as well as its suitability around current consumer behavior such as reducing meat consumption and increasing the intake of whole grain products while still enjoying delicious meals.
“Three local bloggers, and the digital edition of two magazines, The Caterer and Health and Well Being, were selected to share USA Rice recipe videos, directing traffic to our website,” said Eszter Somogyi, USA Rice director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.  “USA Rice sent samples of wild rice products and branded aprons to the three bloggers who then cooked their own versions of our recipes and posted them on their platforms, reaching a total audience of 1.1 million people.”

Earlier in 2020, USA Rice developed a series of professional recipe videos in cooperation with Peter Sidwell, a well-known UK chef, featuring U.S. wild rice and wild rice mixes in dishes including slow cooked lamb with mango, and USA Wild Rice Mix Salad with pickled grapes, walnuts, and brie.

“Interacting with consumers and chefs through social media became an important part of our promotion strategy in 2020, and, because of its success, we plan to continue with these activities in 2021,” said Somogyi.