Rice in Action on the 2023 Farm Bill

Number 64 superimposed over photo of combine and grain cart in mature rice field
A comprehensive update on the 2023 Farm Bill includes an interview with Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack
Mar 14, 2023
ARLINGTON, VA – On Episode 64 of The Rice Stuff podcast, hosts Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon get a much anticipated update on the 2023 Farm Bill, as discussions between the rice industry and Capitol Hill gain momentum.

Guests include U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Texas rice farmer L.G. Raun, and USA Rice Senior Director of Government Affairs Jamison Cruce.

Cruce gives listeners an inside look at the inner workings of the Farm Bill, and what the rice industry is advocating for as the as the current law is set to expire on September 30.
“The big picture is that we need an on-time Farm Bill, one that is fully-funded and also has increased funding in some areas,” said Cruce.

Cruce goes on to explain rice priorities for the Farm Bill, including the Price Loss Coverage program, crop insurance, international promotion programs, food aid, and conservation programs that are locally led, voluntary, and incentive-based.
The episode also features an interview with Secretary Vilsack, in which he updates listeners on the $250 million ad hoc assistance to rice farmers that the USDA will administer, how that assistance is progressing, and how rice farmers can apply to receive it.  Vilsack asserts that the USDA is aiming to streamline the process and get assistance to rice farmers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“This episode has a lot of really valuable information so you’re going to want to tune in,” said Klein.  “We’ve done an initial foray into Farm Bill coverage, one of our most listened-to episodes, and that really speaks to what a crucial time this is in the legislative process and how involved and informed our audience is, which is great because the agriculture industry and Washington, DC, need to work together on this bill.”

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