Main Stage

Adverse Weather Tightens U.S. Rice Supplies in 2019/20; U.S. Rice Area Expected to Rebound in 2020/21

Nathan Childs, USDA/ERS, presented current USDA forecasts for the U.S. and global rice markets, explaining economic factors driving production, use, trade, and price.

Inside Look at Policies and Politics: Anger and Delay

Washington Policy Analyst, Jim Wiesemeyer, provided a deep dive on what the political climate in Washington means for agriculture.
Innovation Stage

State Outlook and Research Reports

Rice researchers shared the latest cutting edge research they are working on and provided personalized outlook for the rice industry in their states.
FMC Stage

Aerial Mapping Technologies

Through remote sensing, maps can now tell us much more than just a location, they can show crop stress, yield variation, nutrient needs, and more. Kevin Price, Chief Emerging Technologies Officer at Air Data Solutions, discussed the ways aerial imaging can be used in agriculture and how it could benefit your operation.

Gene Editing and Rice:  Innovation, Opportunity, and Pitfalls

Gene editing techniques such as CRISPR show great potential for agriculture. But how are these techniques different than GMOs and what does it mean for the U.S. rice industry?  Panel experts shared what consumers think about this new technology and discussed what and when we might see these techniques used in the near future.

New Tool for Improving Waterfowl Habitat in California

Ducks Unlimited, in cooperation with the California Department of Water Resources and the Salmon Habitat Partnership, is developing a Decision Support Tool to help guide conservation efforts in the Sacramento River Valley.  Dr. Mark Petrie discussed how this tool will recognize the critical role that rice farmers play in meeting the needs of fish and fowl in California and identify the kinds of public programs needed to support this role going forward.

Agricultural Economic Outlook

Veronica Nigh of the American Farm Bureau separated fact from fiction as the U.S. economy and the U.S. ag economy seem to diverge, specifically digging into the drivers of the U.S. economy, farm debt and financial indicators, interest rates, cash rents and farmland values, and trade.
Indigo Stage

Estate & Succession Planning for Farms

The number one mistake people make when it comes to estate planning is not planning at all. Attorney Trav Baxter discussed estate and trust planning to help you chart a course ahead.

USA Rice International Promotion Program Update

USA Rice's International Promotion team perform more 2,000 events in dozens of markets each year to promote U.S.-grown rice.  Staff provided updates and highlights from the current year as well as a look ahead.

Transact: eCommerce Strategies & Tactics to Drive Sales

eCommerce is predicted to hit $4.8 trillion by 2021 and continues to be a key strategy for product and service companies alike. Winning at eCommerce requires the combination of a smart go-to-market strategy, powerful platform, integrated demand generation, and constant optimization.

eCommerce in China: the Largest Market on Earth

China, the world's largest rice consumption market, has recently opened its vast market to United States. China, however, is also the world's largest rice producer and the world's largest rice importer. The competition for market share is intense but due to market expansion, differences in product and other factors, the opportunity for U.S. rice industry to gain a foothold in China is strong. E-commerce can lead the way to establish brands and expansion into this potentially broad market.  Jason Qian, General Manager of Procurement of Benlai, discussed the differences between traditional retail business and ecommerce in the China market as well as how U.S. rice products can successfully develop market share in China.

Practical Uses of Rice Futures: From Farm to End User

A panel of industry veterans discussed how the rice futures contract is used in their businesses to remove risk and capture extra margin for their businesses. Panelists included a rice farmer, a rice merchant, a rice miller, and a University of Arkansas Professor of Futures and Options.

Farm Shop Design: Get It Right or Pay the Price

Where you place doors, work centers, storage areas, and outlets has a huge impact on capacity and efficiency.  Designers from one of the largest farm building companies in the country shared tips and tactics and hits and misses, and two growers with some of the most acclaimed shops in the industry shared what it took to get their operations to where they are today.

Grain Bin Automation & Control: How to Eliminate Loss & Maximize Profits

Heritage Agriculture of Arkansas Stage

Rice Co-ops of the Future: A Changing Value Proposition for A Changing Industry

Cooperation between humans and pooling resources is nothing new.  Ag co-ops trace their roots in this country back to 1914, with the first rice co-op hitting the scene just six years later. But few would claim the world of rice looks today as it did 100 years ago.  Some challenges remain and always will, but others could not even have been imagined then. And more unknowns lay ahead. What does the future hold for the rice co-op, and how does a shifting industry change the value proposition for members?  Our expert panel discussed this important topic.

Precision Ag Early Adopters

There are now as many digital tools available to farmers as conventional ones.   Some early adopters and proponents of this tech discussed the advantages and drawbacks of going high tech and previewed what's on the horizon.

USA Rice Domestic Promotion Program Report

The USA Rice Domestic Promotion Team oversees activities targeting the largest market for U.S.-grown rice, the home market.  Staff presented reports on current activities, as well as a look ahead.

Get Creative: Louisiana Rice Promotion Board Campaign Report

In 2018, the Louisiana Rice Promotion Board, using a grant from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, launched a rice promotion program in the state: "Get Creative: Start with Rice."   The program successfully moved the needle with consumers and was expanded in 2019.  Williams and Owen shared the details of the campaign, including just completed efficacy research.

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