Consumer Campaign Yields Historic Results for USA Rice

Three photos of meals made with rice: soup, burgers, and salad
A sampling of the rice recipes shared on social media by the multi-millions
Aug 16, 2019
ARLINGTON, VA -- Last September, USA Rice partnered with The FeedFeed agency, the largest and most engaged digital cooking community, to conduct a year-long campaign with goals to drive mass awareness and celebrate U.S.-grown rice, develop engaging content, and educate audiences on the benefits of rice consumption.  This strategy used visual storytelling via Instagram, blog posts, and recipe videos to raise awareness throughout the year, which then was amplified across FeedFeed’s and USA Rice’s multiple social media accounts.

The FeedFeed selected four influencers with backgrounds that aligned with promoting U.S.-grown rice who were each responsible for creating four original and on-trend, rice-focused recipes accompanied by photography and video, a blog post, and an Instagram post.  These were then promoted across The FeedFeed’s and USA Rice’s multiple social media platforms.  

To further amplify USA Rice’s messaging and increase exposure, the created recipes were included in The FeedFeed’s weekly meal planners, featured on USA Rice’s recipe feed on, and highlighted on IGTV through The FeedFeed’s digital TV series.

By the time the campaign concluded last month, 16 U.S.-grown rice recipes had been posted and boosted by The FeedFeed and USA Rice.  Overall, the recipe posts, regrams, blogs, and videos generated a USA Rice record of more than 31.6 million consumer impressions and 430,000 engagements.

“The results from this campaign are tremendous,” said Cameron Jacobs, USA Rice domestic promotion manager.  “We were able to finally have U.S.-grown rice be part of the social conversation, expose a brand-new audience to different varieties and uses of U.S.-grown rice, and achieve a Federation first of reaching more than 31 million people within the year.”

The collection of recipe created were:  Braised Chicken with Arborio Rice, Black Rice Pudding, Brown Rice Jambalaya, Black Fried Rice, Crispy Sushi Rice Cakes, Congee with Spinach, Carottes Râpées, Veggie Brown Rice Burrito Bowl, Wild Rice Soup, Spicy Rice Bowl, Sweet Potato Brown Rice Sushi, Apple Cide Braised Chicken and Wild Rice, Spicy Chicken Soup with Brown Rice, Brown Rice Burger, and Roasted Vegetable & Rice Salad.

In addition to the immediate impact of the campaign, USA Rice retains the right to use and access all created recipes, videos, and photos.

“While we are pleased with this year’s results, we still have a lot more to do in the domestic market, which, after all, is the largest market for U.S. rice,” continued Jacobs.  “We have big things planned for Year Two of our partnership with The Feedfeed, so stay tuned.  You won’t want to miss it!”