Climate Change and Customers on The Rice Stuff

Number 58 superimposed over photo of combine and grain cart in mature rice field
Podcast guests meet at the intersection of consumers and climate change
Nov 22, 2022
ARLINGTON, VA – The Rice Stuff podcast’s five-part examination of climate change continues with Episode 58, “Climate Change – Part 4 – Consumers.”

Jordan Marlatt with the intelligence decision company Morning Consult, and scientist and writer Steve Savage joined the podcast to share their insights into consumer behavior and expectations with regard to climate change.

Marlatt discusses his company’s recently released Sustainability Survey that asked 2,200 consumers about what kind of sustainability efforts they expect from the brands they support in the food and beverage sector.  Specifically, Marlatt talks about consumer impressions and expectations.

Savage, who writes about agriculture and the environment for Forbes and other outlets, shares his thoughts on the intersection of corporate actors and consumers on sustainability, having recently attended the Sustainable Brands 2022 Conference.

“We really only scratched the surface of this topic,” said show co-host Michael Klein.  “Consumer thinking on sustainability and climate change is ever evolving, and while you could take a cynical view and say ‘consumers are constantly moving the goalposts,’ I think what we learned from our guests is that this is an area where a lot will be expected, particularly by young consumers, but the rewards will be significant.”

The final installment of The Rice Stuff climate episodes will examine communication challenges and opportunities, and will be scheduled early in 2023.

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