The Rice Foundation is a 501c(3) organization that represents all segments of the U.S. rice industry with a mission to further the well-being of its members and ensure the long-term sustainability and future competitiveness of U.S. rice. To achieve this mission, the Foundation identifies issues important to the rice industry, funds research projects to address these issues, and supports leadership and education programs, including the Rice Leadership Development Program. 

Our History

The Rice Foundation was created as a linkage to industry by Arley Bowling, who served as its first director. Bowling came from the cotton industry and modeled the Foundation after the Cotton Foundation, but on a smaller scale. The Rice Foundation received its tax exempt status in 1986 and began the Rice Leadership Development Program in 1989.

Funding comes from dues, sponsorships, and other sources. Initially, the Foundation was funded by EU Tariff Rated Quota (TRQ) monies, but with those all but gone, it is now mainly supported by industry contributions. Current Colombia TRQ funds are allocated to individual states for research.

Our Leadership

The Foundation’s 25-member board comprises a cross section of millers, suppliers, users, and producers, which includes representatives from state research boards.  There is a selection committee for the Rice Leadership Development Program and a Budget Committee, as well as a Funding Task Force.

Meet Our Members