2020 Rice Technical Working Group
Water Symposium

Hosted by Mississippi State University  |  Video recording made possible by The Rice Foundation
Irrigation management influences every other aspect of rice production. In recent years, much attention has been given to irrigation use amounts and its influence on rice yield in traditional rice management systems.  Newer rice irrigation techniques (AWD and furrow irrigation) to the mid-southern U.S. have the potential to alter many aspects of rice production, including fertilizer management and greenhouse gas emissions from rice paddies. This symposium addresses knowledge gained in the use of alternative rice management strategies in comparison to traditional management as well as the pitfalls and successes associated with each system.

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Watch Individual Presentations

Opening Remarks
Moderator: Dr. Drew Gholson, Mississippi State University

Improving the Furrow Irrigated Rice System
C. Henry, R. Mane, G. Simpson, J. Rix, N. Blankenship

Evaluation of Nitrogen Fertilization in Furrow Irrigated Rice
D. Harrell, A. Coker, M. Kongchum

Comparisons of Field-Scale Irrigation use Efficiencies for Alternative Rice Irrigation Practices
J. Massey, M. Reba, A. Adviento-Borbe, R. Sullivan, R. Moore

Contribution of Winter Cover Crop on Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Furrow Irrigated Rice Systems
S. Karki, A. Adviento-Borbe, J. Massey, M. Reba

Comparison of Field-Scale Methane Reductions with Alternate Irrigation Techniques in U.S. Mid-South Rice Production
M. Reba, B. Fong, C. Reavis, B. Runkle, K. Suvocarev, A. Adviento-Borbe, J. Massey

Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Selected Southern U.S. Varieties Under Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Systems
A. Adviento-Borbe, S. Kharki, B. Levenbach, J. Massey, M. Reba, B. Ottis

Good to be Green: Enhancing Rice Production and Ecosystem Services with Algae
D. Heuschele, M. Reba, B. Runkle

Comparison of Water-Saving Irrigation Practices in Rice Production in Arkansas using Two Farm Sustainability Tools
B. Moreno-Garcia, C. Reavis, K. Suvocarev, B. Runkle

Closing Discussion
Moderator: Dr. Drew Gholson, Mississippi State University