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Sep 20, 2017
ARLINGTON, VA -- In support of National Rice Month (NRM), USA Rice is working with retail dietitians to remind shoppers to Think Rice before, during, and after their shopping experience.  By providing quality U.S. rice focused content to retail dietitians that can be incorporated into supermarket activities and communications, the partnerships have already yielded more than 10.3 million consumer impressions just halfway through the month.

“With ninety-five percent of stores employing dietitians at the corporate, regional, and store levels, it was imperative that USA Rice partner with, and supply content for, these dietitians as they developed nutrition programs to help consumers make healthy food choices, while supporting retail grocery sales,” said Paul Galvani, chairman of the USA Rice Retail Subcommittee.

Retail dietitians from six grocery store chains have participated in the National Rice Month campaign, including Big Y, Coborn’s, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco, Pyramid Foods, Redner’s, and Weis.

“The results of these partnerships speak for themselves,” said Galvani.  “With more than 10 million impressions by the midpoint of National Rice Month, we know our message is being received by consumers.

In addition to printed and digital efforts by the dieticians, other unique U.S. rice focused planned promotions include Coborn’s Wednesday Lunch and Learn featuring National Rice Month, in combination with National Family Meals Month, and Price Cutter’s, a division of Pyramid Foods, “Getting Fancy with USA Rice” Food Demonstration.

In addition to the impressions stemming from supermarket outreach, coverage from local news and other organizations have also garnered 754,351 impressions as of mid-month.

Galvani concluded, “With almost half a month left of planned partner promotions, we are excited to see the final outreach and retail sales figures.  USA Rice’s NRM retail dietician program continues to be a success in promoting U.S. rice awareness and consumption, while helping shoppers make healthy food choices.”

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