USA Rice offers a multitude of resources for students, teachers, health professionals, foodservice professionals, media, and those who simply love rice.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect rice dish to cook for the holidays or information to incorporate into your classroom curriculum, USA Rice has got you covered. 

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Surprising ways to use rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and more.  Explore award-winning rice creations inspired by cuisines from all over the U.S. and around the world. 

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Health & Nutrition

Whole grain, gluten free, low fat, low calorie, heart healthy, vitamin rich… the list goes on. Explore the role U.S. rice can play in your healthy lifestyle.  

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Rice in Foodservice

Rice is affordable, marketable, convenient, and most importantly, delicious. We're here to help you put more rice on the menu and tell the U.S. rice story to your customers.

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Experience the world of U.S. rice through our YouTube channel.  Explore recipe how-to videos and get your boots muddy out on the farm.  

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Photo Library

An archive of great visuals, featuring family moments on the farm, professional recipe images, and more.  

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