Market Overview

Rice is a staple in Colombia whose 50 million people have a high domestic consumption level of 83lbs per capita annually. The 2012 Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) between Colombia and the United States established a tariff rate quota (TRQ) for rice.  Tariffs on U.S. rice continue to shrink every year and will phase out as we approach 2030, when we reach full free trade with Colombia. Since the signing of the TPA, Colombia has risen from the 51st largest rice export market for the U.S. to one of the top ten, importing around $50 million annually.

USA Rice Activities 

USA Rice conducts seminars with local chefs to introduce new and traditional recipes utilizing U.S. rice and has organized an annual cooking competition that attracts hundreds of chefs. Promoting U.S. origin rice at the retail level has also been successful in raising awareness of U.S. rice.;