Market Overview

The 2012 Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) between Colombia and the United States established a tariff rate quota (TRQ) for rice.  Tariffs on U.S. rice (currently 73 percent) will phase out over the next 12 years. Since the signing of the TPA, Colombia has risen from the 51st largest rice export market for the U.S. to one of the top fifteen.  In 2017, Colombia imported more than 61,000 MT of U.S. paddy rice, valued at $16 million dollars, and over 50,000 MT milled rice, valued at $35 million.

USA Rice Activities 

USA Rice has had a promotional presence in the country for the last three years, working with the foodservice sector and recently conducting promotions at retail stores where U.S. rice is sold.  The marketing activities are aimed at developing a preference for U.S. rice to capture a larger market share in a market that is going to continue to grow as the tariffs are phased out. Through trade servicing, trade shows, chef seminars and sharing information with members, USA Rice will continue to promote quality rice throughout major cities in Colombia.