Jordan Flag Map

Market Overview

Jordan´s population is estimated at 10.2 million yet that population has increased since the onset of the civil war in neighboring Syria and the resulting refugee crisis.  Jordan has had to manage the influx of 650,000 UN-registered refugees, more than 80% of whom live in Jordan’s urban areas. The capital city, Amman, and four neighboring cities (Salt, Zarka, Irbid and Madaba) account for two-thirds of Jordan’s population. Total annual rice imports were estimated at 210,000 MT in 2017 and the U.S. is the major rice supplier, providing 146,600 MT in 2017. 

USA Rice Activities 

There are many well-established and known U.S. rice brands available in the market, clearly identifying U.S. origin. USA Rice works with these brands to promote U.S. rice, focusing the majority of promotional activities before and during the holy month of Ramadan, as this is the highest rice consumption period in the Arab world. Activities include outdoor advertising, in-store promotions and branding, radio and print advertising all communicating the high quality of U.S. rice and its suitability to the Jordanian cuisine.