USA Rice at Seoul Food and Hotel Show; Interest in U.S.-Grown Rice for Manufacturing

Busy booth
Busy booth!
May 29, 2015
ILSAN, SOUTH KOREA - Earlier this month, USA Rice opened its popular booth in the U.S. pavilion of the Seoul Food & Hotel Korea exhibition here. The show is Korea's longest running, and Asia's third largest, food trade show with more than 40,000 attendees from 39 countries.
USA Rice displayed U.S. medium and long grain rice and conducted recipe demonstrations using U.S. medium grain rice in kimbob (rice roll wrapped with seaweed) and fried rice. Steamed white rice was presented to showcase the performance of U.S. medium grain rice.
Approximately 1,000 registered guests from food service, food manufacturing and distribution fields visited the USA Rice booth during the show. Among the visitors were representatives of some major food manufacturers interested in using U.S. rice as an ingredient for their product development, such as retort fried rice, rice cakes, and rice flour. USA Rice staff will follow up for possible diversification of U.S. rice into food manufacturing sectors.
The Korean government has purchased 64,000 MT of U.S. brown rice for processing purpose as of May 15, 2015. Another tender was held on May 21, which includes 10,000 MT of USDA #1 medium grain milled rice for table rice purposes and 38,352 MT of USDA #3 Medium Grain Brown Rice for processing purposes. Results of the tender are pending at this time.