U.S. Rice “Cal-Bowl’ Demonstration Kick Starts Retail Campaign in Japan

Dare we say "Yummy!"
Dec 01, 2015
TOKYO, JAPAN – A popular Japanese food writer and recipe consultant known as “Yummy-san” recently conducted a cooking demonstration here using U.S. medium grain rice in the preparation of three dishes:  chicken, nuts, and berry salad; coconut shrimp spicy tomato soup; and almond milk rice pudding.  This consumer tasting event coincided with the start of a new USA Rice promotion at two hundred Kaldi import stores that will feature ingredients used in the three recipes, including U.S. medium grain rice.

Attendees at the event, none of whom had tried U.S. rice before, got a chance to taste test the three dishes and, in a survey they filled out afterwards, 32 percent gave a “thumbs up” to U.S. medium grain rice saying it was completely different from Japanese rice.

Chris Crutchfield, with American Commodity Company, was on hand at the tasting and said, “Yummy-san has been a big proponent of U.S.-grown rice for 15 years – ever since she participated in a Japanese delegation that toured the California rice industry in 2001.  She has a huge following here through her cooking blog, cookbooks, and cooking shows.  Her participation brings a lot of popularity to this promotion highlighting U.S. rice.”