Arkansas Rice Goes to Town

AR Rice Mural painted on building downtown, combine in a rice field
You gotta have art
Oct 12, 2017
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Progress is being made on a rice mural that will stand tall on a downtown building here by the end of the month.  The mural project was coordinated by the Arkansas Rice Federation and Downtown Little Rock Partnership, and is one of multiple efforts by the two organizations working to bring the country and the city together.

Artist Matt McLeod is painting the mural depicting combines in the field on the exterior wall of Besser Ace Hardware on Main Street.  The mural’s downtown location was chosen specifically to highlight the impact rice has on the state and give urban Arkansans a glimpse of life on the farm.

Many Arkansans don’t realize that their state produces almost 50 percent of the rice grown in the U.S.  To attract onlookers and invite them to stop by, the mural states “I love AR rice” and passersby can stand in as the “I” in the word rice and share their photo on social media.

“The accessibility and prominence of the mural will allow us to share the story of Arkansas rice with folks in town who have never experienced a turnrow during rice harvest,” said Lauren Waldrip Ward, executive director of the Arkansas Rice Federation.  “Our hope is that the engagement component of the mural will increase our exposure by giving consumers a way to interact and help us educate Arkansans about this locally grown crop.“

Consumers can follow the mural as it develops on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  A public media event will be held upon completion to unveil the final product.