USA Rice and FECARROZ Look to Collaborate on Trade

USA Rice member Ryan Carwell (far right) makes a connection
USA Rice member Ryan Carwell (far right) makes a connection
Jun 12, 2018
PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- Last week, USA Rice hosted a dinner for USA Rice members and the FECARROZ (Central American Rice Federation) board of directors and members, with the objective of strengthening business relationships and discussing opportunities for collaboration.  More than 40 rice industry leaders from Central America, the Dominican Republic, and the United States attended.

FECARROZ President Eduardo Rojas and Sarah Moran, USA Rice vice president international, offered words of welcome and gratitude for the breadth of industry participation at the event.

Ryan Carwell with Poinsett Rice & Grain in Jonesboro, Arkansas, who attended the dinner, said, “Any opportunity we can create to bring together leaders and stakeholders of the Latin American and United States rice industries to improve trade relations across borders is a big win for both sides.”

“To echo the sentiment of President Eduardo Rojas, it is very important to know the people behind the products that are exchanged,” said Moran.  “Events like these facilitate an inviting atmosphere for establishing and maintaining relationships.  The evening was a step in the right direction for a healthy partnership between USA Rice and FECARROZ, and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”

The countries of CAFTA-DR (Central America & Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement) are the second largest export market for U.S. rice, importing more than 500,000 MT, valued at $170 million in 2017.