National Rice Month Retail Partnerships Raise the Rice Profile

Jewel Osco ad with colorful rice dish, red/white/blue NRM logo and title "Build a Better Meal with U.S. Rice
Retail sales respond
Sep 24, 2018
ARLINGTON, VA – During September National Rice Month (NRM), USA Rice has partnered with retail dietitians at select grocery chains to enlighten consumers to all the benefits of consuming U.S.-grown rice and to remind them to Think Rice throughout their shopping experiences.  U.S. rice-focused educational content and USA Rice promotional items have been incorporated into supermarket activities, communications, and events, and have already yielded more than five million consumer impressions in the first two weeks of this month-long campaign.

“With ninety-five percent of stores employing dietitians at the corporate, regional, and store levels, it is important for USA Rice to maintain partnerships and supply content for these retail dietitians as they develop their in-store activity schedule and nutrition programs that help consumers make healthy food choices, while supporting retail grocery sales,” said Paul Galvani, chair of the USA Rice Domestic Promotions Committee.
Retail dietitians from three grocery store chains have participated in the NRM campaign, including Jewel-Osco, Pyramid Foods, and Weis.

“The results of these retail partnerships speak for themselves,” said Galvani.  “USA Rice is able to get the word out on benefits associated with U.S.-grown rice consumption while impacting retail sales.  With more than five million consumer impressions two weeks into National Rice Month, we know our message is being received by consumers.”

In addition to printed and digital efforts by the dietitians, other unique U.S. rice-focused planned promotions include Pyramid’s “U.S. Rice is Nice! An Eat Well Class;” Price Cutter’s, a division of Pyramid Foods, Southwest Salsa Rice Bites Video Demonstration; and Weis’ Facebook live Orange Chicken and Vegetable recipe.

Galvani concluded, “Planned retail promotions throughout the rest of September promise more success in outreach and retail sales figures.  USA Rice’s NRM retail dietitian program continues to be an important tool in promoting U.S. rice awareness and consumption, while helping consumers make healthy food choices.”