Rice-ipes, Back to You

Group shot of Cajun Country Recipe Contest winner holding trophy flanked by both a male and female chef, along with the Intl Rice Queen wearing her tiara and another man wearing a business suit
It's always good news when they're reporting on U.S.-grown rice
Apr 08, 2019
CROWLEY, LA – There are recipes and then there are “Rice-ipes.”  Whether you classify it as autological, or maybe even an onomatopoeia, Rice-ipes taste and sound as good as…well, as they taste and sound!

Over two days last week, the early morning TV audience in southwest Louisiana got an inside look at the rice industry and heard about mouth-watering, rice-based recipes as the three-month long Fox 29 and Cajun Country Rice Rice-ipe contest drew to a close.

On Tuesday, Robbie Trahan, with Cajun Country Rice, took the morning show crew through the rice milling process from delivery by the local grower’s farm to the final packaged product over several live segments.  The reporter got into the action, screening and milling rice samples for the live audience, while Robbie explained the process as it was taking place.

Then on Thursday viewers tuned in for the finale with the three finalist chefs' dishes being featured on the morning program where Donavan Bradley’s dish, Dono’s Jambalaya and Black Eyed Peas was declared the winner.  Part of Bradley’s prize package included a years’ supply of Cajun Country Rice, a new cookware pot, and a trophy presented by the reigning International Rice Festival Queen Victoria Callahan.

“Being part of the Rice-ipe promotion was great, but having the opportunity to demonstrate the methods used in the milling industry, and how we assure the highest quality rice makes it to the consumer was equally important,” said Trahan, who is a past chair of the USA Rice Millers’ Association.  “Every chance we get to emphasize that U.S.-grown rice is safe, nutritional, and produced locally, we’re glad to share our story.”