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2018 Rice Awards Winners, three older casually dressed white men, first two standing in rice fields, third one standing in front of grain bin
2018 winners (from left): Skip Hula, Earl Garber, and Marvin Hare
Jun 10, 2019
MEMPHIS, TN – Nominations for the Rice Awards, now in its 28th year, are now open.  

We don’t come up with the award recipients’ names ourselves — we rely on you, as their peers, to nominate them.  The submissions are then judged by a panel of rice producers and/or allied industry representatives, and will be announced this December at the annual USA Rice Outlook Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We also couldn’t continue these programs without the support of our Rice Awards sponsor-partners, Horizon Ag and USA Rice.

The award recipients don’t do what they do for the accolades and awards.  Instead, they devote countless hours advocating on behalf of rice.  If you’ve ever had a chance to talk to any of our award winners, you can feel their passion for the industry.  That’s what makes these awards even more meaningful.  We’re recognizing these folks with lagniappe — something extra, as they say in Louisiana — for what they think is “just the right thing to do.”

The Rice Awards comprises the Rice Farmer of the Year, the Rice Industry Award and the Rice Lifetime Achievement Award.  Go here for the Rice Awards nomination form.

As its name implies, the Rice Farmer of the Year recognizes a producer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty not just in growing a crop but in industry leadership.  The Rice Industry Award recognizes a non-farmer for his or her leadership, and the Rice Lifetime Achievement Award honors someone who has spent his or her life bettering the rice industry.   

Help us further the tradition by nominating someone for the Rice Awards today!

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