Congressman Higgins Meets with Rice and Crawfish Farmers

Whiate fold-out chairs set 6 feet apart for social distancing
Safe set-up
Jun 25, 2020
MIDLAND, LA -- This past Tuesday, Congressman Clay Higgins, who represents Louisiana’s Third District, spent the morning here meeting with local rice and crawfish farmers to discuss current issues and potential COVID-19 relief options available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The opportunity to spend time together, which has not been common in recent months, was made possible by Randy, Dale, Steven, Ross, and Eric Thibodeaux, of the Thibodeaux Ag Group, who hosted the event at their farm shop and attached equipment shed.  The space had ample room to comply with the state’s Phase Two reopening occupancy limits and accommodated social distancing requirements with chairs set six feet apart.  The weather cooperated better than expected as overcast skies and a light breeze out of the south made the open shop pavilion comfortable for a late June outdoor gathering.

Higgins acknowledged that COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on families and their concerns for staying safe during these extraordinary times, as well as the economic impact brought on by mandatory closures throughout the nation. “Every American family has been negatively impacted by coronavirus shutdowns, including our farmers,” he said.  “My office is here to help you navigate the path to relief funding.  We serve you.”

Higgins talked about the effects the pandemic has had on agriculture as a whole, but particularly to rice and crawfish production, key components to the viability of many south Louisiana farms.  He also answered questions on topics such as trade, and the H-2A and H-2B worker programs, both critical to Louisiana agriculture.

“To have the Congressman come and visit during this time, in person, was reassuring for all of us,” said Ross Thibodeaux.  “It showed he understands the challenges we’re facing in this industry.  We’re glad our facility was helpful in making his visit possible.”