USA Rice Debuts New Instructional Cooking Videos

Chef-Brenda-Wattles-in commercial kitchen standing behind table with pot, pan, rice cooker, and a big bag of brown rice
Chef Brenda Wattles
May 03, 2021
ARLINGTON, VA -- USA Rice has added new assets to its collection of foodservice resources -- two chef-led instructional videos for cooking rice commercially or at-home.  The videos star Chef Brenda Wattles as she guides viewers through step-by-step instructions for three methods of cooking rice and shares cooking best practices for a commercial kitchen or a personal kitchen.  Both videos are around 8 minutes in length.

“Chef Brenda is a professional culinary chef and registered dietitian who consults for child nutrition programs and has years of experience working in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition Programs (CNP),” said Michael Klein, USA Rice vice president for domestic promotion.  “In these videos, she deftly weaves in school nutrition talking points and shares best practices for commercial kitchens and home child nutrition programs.”

Each video opens with Chef Brenda highlighting the importance of sourcing U.S.-grown rice and the nutritional benefits of rice consumption before moving onto the cooking tutorial.  For the commercial cooking video, she walks viewers through how to cook U.S.-grown brown rice for 100 servings via the stove method, oven method, and rice cooker method, and the proper rice serving techniques for foodservice operators.  For the consumer video, Chef Brenda demonstrates how to cook rice for 6 servings via the stove method, oven method, and rice cooker method, along with serving techniques for at-home cooks.

Each video also has an associated standardized brown rice recipe available for download for servings of both 6 and 100.

“Chef Brenda’s background and familiarity with USDA CNPs make these instructional videos relevant to foodservice officials, commercial operators, and even at-home cooks,” said Klein. “The step-by-step instructions for the three different rice cooking methods will serve as a valuable resource for all of our audiences, and will be edited down to fit various USA Rice social media platforms.”

Go here to view the commercial rice cooking video, and here for the at-home rice cooking video.