U.S Rice Flour a Hit in South Korean "Corn" Dogs

Box of corn dogs with packets of sauce
Promotion pack for the dogs
Sep 10, 2021
SEOUL, KOREA – When is a corn dog no longer a corn dog?  Perhaps when the corn dog coating is made with rice flour, specifically U.S. medium grain, that enhances the chewy texture of the beloved and iconic snack.

Myungrang Hotdog, the fastest growing corn dog company in South Korea, recently produced a sample of rice flour made from U.S. medium grain rice to test in their product line.  USA Rice consulted with the company on the process.
“We received positive feedback from Myungrang Hotdog about the use of rice flour, and based on the cost advantages and excellent performance, they decided to change the origin of the rice they used in the flour from Korean to U.S.,” said Jim Guinn, USA Rice director of Asia promotion programs.  “USA Rice then entered into a partnership with Myungrang Hotdog to promote their products at 630 stores nationwide with informational posters and banners.”

Feedback for products sold through both online and physical stores was positive, and Myungrang Hotdog was pleased with the decision to change the origin of their rice, both from a price-effectiveness standpoint and that of quality.

“We are very happy with the outcome of this endeavor,”  said Guinn.  “And knowing Myungrang Hotdog has started opening franchises in the United States, primarily in southern California, we may all soon have the opportunity to taste these new ‘rice’ dogs.”