The Rice Stuff Podcast Reviews Rice Research

Number 29 superimposed over photo of combine and grain cart in mature rice field
Wihtout rice research there probably wouldn't be a U.S. rice industry
Sep 14, 2021
ARLINGTON, VA – Good research is the foundation of any successful undertaking, and the U.S. rice industry is no different.  Researchers across the six rice states at land grant universities and elsewhere probe the mightiest of all grains to gain insights into how to grow it more efficiently, how to make it more nutritious and delicious, how to make it cook consistently, and at the end of the day, yield more with fewer inputs.

The newest episode of The Rice Stuff podcast puts rice research itself under the microscope as USA Rice’s Dr. Steve Linscombe, who himself spent more than three decades as a rice researcher, pulls the curtain back on this important sector of the rice industry.

Dr. Dustin Harrell with Louisiana State University, Dr. Bob Scott with the University of Arkansas, and the recently retired Dr. Kent McKenzie of the California Rice Experiment Station join Steve to share the science behind the science, and some of the great returns growers have received as a result of supporting research through their state check off programs.

California rice farmer Kim Gallagher weighs in on all that research has done for her operation and speculates that without it, she probably wouldn’t be farming rice at all.  She’s not alone in that observation.

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