USA Rice partners with organizations and companies up and down the supply chain, providing our members with additional services, information, programs, and opportunities. These collaborative relationships facilitate a greater understanding of U.S. rice’s economic and environmental accomplishments, allowing partners to work together toward common goals of advocacy and sustainability. 

Rice Stewardship Partnership

Our Supporters

Our Supporters



In 2012, USA Rice and Ducks Unlimited forged a model of collaboration between a farm group and a conservation organization - the Rice Stewardship Partnership. This Partnership has been working tirelessly to improve three of the nation’s critical natural and economic resources: working ricelands, water, and waterfowl. The Partnership provides the industry an excellent opportunity to effectively tell our conservation story, and to broaden our base of support. The Partnership was crucial in the successful application of eight Regional Conservation Partnership Programs (RCPP) that are directing new conservation funding to the rice industry.

These RCPPs offer rice producers from each of the six rice-growing states assistance to address water quantity, water quality and wildlife habitat issues on their farms. These efforts are possible thanks to funding provided by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and private partners. After completion, these eight projects will have brought in almost $80 million in conservation funds to producers and impacted an additional 700,000 U.S. rice acres which would not have been possible if the Partnership had not competed for the additional funds. The RCPP program is a great fit for the Partnership’s conservation efforts and these endeavors will continue on behalf of rice producers everywhere. 

Field to Market

Field to Market is a diverse alliance working to create opportunities across the agricultural supply chain for continuous improvements in productivity, environmental quality, and human well-being. The group provides collaborative leadership that is engaged in industry-wide dialogue, grounded in science, and open to the full range of technology choices.

As consumers look for more sustainable products the rice industry is one step ahead as they work to show measurable improvements as a result of their conservation work. Field to Market is an opportunity to engage with all levels of the food sector on what the consumer’s needs are and how growers and other members of the industry can assist in fulfilling them. 

USA Rice has been a long-term partner of Field to Market and is actively involved in the development of a rice-specific Fieldprint Calculator that shows growers their operation’s scorecard on the sustainability index. They’ve also monitored development of a rice greenhouse gas metric for use by the Fieldprint Calculator. USA Rice has been involved on the producer level by bringing rice producers to the table to share ideas and help ensure goals stay realistic. 

Field to Market's 2017 Farmer of the Year Award 

The Farmer of the Year Award, which is Field to Market’s highest honor for commodity crop producers, recognizes the extraordinary contributions of farmers who are committed to advancing sustainable agriculture through outstanding conservation and stewardship efforts on their farm and sharing best practices with their peers. This year’s award was given to Jennifer James, a fourth-generation rice farmer from Newport, Arkansas.

Rice Stewardship Staff