U.S. Rice a Permanent Fixture in ASDA Stores throughout the UK

Peacock Rice Bag, red bag with peacock logo
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Nov 09, 2017
LONDON, ENGLAND -- Following two successful promotions last year, ASDA, the UK’s second largest retailer, has added U.S. long grain rice to its permanent inventory.

Displays in 45 key ASDA stores in October and November of this year featured new 5-kg red bags of Peacock brand U.S. rice leading to a sales increase of 42 percent.

“We are delighted that following the success of the previous promotions, ASDA has decided to list Peacock permanently,” said Hartwig Schmidt, USA Rice regional director.  “This breakthrough shows that persistence has paid off for U.S. rice and will be rewarded with increased awareness and sales.”

ASDA Stores Limited is a subsidiary of the American retail corporate giant Walmart, and is the second-largest supermarket chain in Britain by market share.

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