2015 Horizon Ag Field Day Emphasizes Quality

Field day event with crowd of people gazing out on a rice field
In the field with Horizon Ag
Aug 21, 2015
JONESBORO, AR -- Over 100 attendees attended the 2015 Horizon Ag Field Day yesterday at Mark Wimpy Farms.  The event included a look at current and new Clearfield varieties as well as an update on the harvest in Louisiana.

“Today was an opportunity to show the focus Horizon Ag has on providing valuable agronomic information to help rice farmers maximize production and profits and to show we have heard the message loud and clear for the need to improve quality, said Tim Walker, general manager at Horizon Ag.

“Not only are we committed to improving production on U.S. rice farms, we are also focused on improving the overall quality of U.S.-grown rice to meet the needs of our export partners," Walker said. "Our industry was once the unmatched leader in producing high-quality rice grain, but today, there is more competition for that title.  We can separate ourselves again by focusing breeding and development on varieties that bring value at the buyer level and improved production at the farm level."