U.S. Medium Grain Breaks into Hong Kong Fast Food Market

IP-US Medium Grain Breaks into Hong Kong Fast Food Mkt, Chewy Intl-160602
Smiling for U.S. rice
Jun 06, 2016
HONG KONG, CHINA -- Chewy International Foods Ltd, a leading food supplier here that began importing U.S. medium grain rice four years ago, has developed a special brand name tailored for both the retail and food service markets, and has begun a promotion campaign featuring the U.S. rice.

Chewy is promoting the new brand, “Kumai”, at Fairwood, the second largest fast food chain in Hong Kong with more than 140 outlets offering a wide variety of local Chinese and Western dishes.


The promotion started last month and will run through September with three medium grain rice dishes to choose from including “Thick-cut Pork Cutlet with Calrose rice” at both lunch and dinner, and includes free samples of rice being distributed to customers in the restaurants.

“Chewy has helped us displace the Thai rice with U.S. medium grain at Fairwood restaurants for the duration of this promotion at least,” said USA Rice Vice President of International Promotion Jim Guinn.  “Fairwood serves more than 100,000 customers each day making this the largest fast food promotion for U.S. rice by far.  Chewy is also promoting U.S. rice to a local sushi chain here with more than 60 outlets, making them a truly valued partner and ambassador for U.S.-grown rice.”

Thai rice has dominated the Hong Kong market for years, but that may be changing.  Guinn said Chewy is also promoting U.S. rice in mainstream supermarkets here because “they believe in the quality of our rice, wanted consumers to have more choices, and believe our rice will be accepted as a premium grade rice.”