New Foodservice Microsite is a ‘Rice Idea’

Background photo is three iron skillets filled with chicken, carrots, peas, and onions are topped with fried rice cakes, text block reads "Change the Grain and Change the Game!"
New cooking method adds to U.S. rice versatility
May 01, 2019
ARLINGTON, VA -- Under the theme of “Rice Ideas to Re-Shape Your Menu,” USA Rice launched its new foodservice promotional landing page for chefs and foodservice professionals with the goal of having them add more U.S.-grown rice dishes to their menus and in particular the Federation’s “rice hash brown” recipes.  

“Drawing inspiration from tots and hash browns (which have grown 98 percent and 19 percent, respectively, on U.S. menus over the last four years), we developed a series of rice hash brown recipes to showcase the versatility of U.S.-grown rice,” said USA Rice Domestic Promotion Manager Cameron Jacobs.  “By pressing and slightly overcooking medium or long grain white rice, chefs can create trendy tot or hash brown recipes that closely mimic their potato-based counterparts in flavor and texture, while adding a unique take on a staple food to their menu.”

The theme of the promotion aims to inspire foodservice operators to see the need and value for adding new menu applications of rice to their operations.  The interactive microsite shows operators how to take advantage of this new rice preparation method and features recipe inspiration ranging from breakfast to dessert, best-practices for utilizing the technique, a downloadable menu matrix to create signature rice-based skillets, hash browns, and tots, and even a function that allows operators to ask questions and communicate directly with a USA Rice chef.

The landing page is linked to USA Rice’s digital foodservice ads that will run ten times throughout the summer in leading digital foodservice publications.  The publications which include C&U Spotlight Newsletter, the RB Daily Newsletter, and will promote the new microsite and garner a minimum of 85,000 impressions.  In addition, USA Rice will conduct a targeted e-blast to reach even more operators.

The ad and associated social media posts highlight the versatility of rice through the rice hash brown concept with appetizing photography and eye-catching colors and directs operators to the foodservice microsite to learn more.

“By strategically promoting the microsite in various industry publications, we will raise awareness of this versatile new rice cooking method and encourage operators to menu more U.S-grown rice,” said Jacobs.  “This new resource should prove to be a great asset for USA Rice and the culinary community at large.”

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