Promotion Has an “Influence” in Central America

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Spreading the word
Aug 07, 2019
SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR -- Last week, USA Rice hosted an event for over a dozen social media influencers here with Chef Juan Salomón and Nutritionist Rodrigo Valdivieso.  Chef Salomón, who hosts his own cooking program “The Chef’s Recipe,” conducted a cooking class and prepared three rice recipes for kitchen, health, and lifestyle bloggers; the nutritionist discussed rice’s nutritional profile and its importance in the daily diet.

“The idea behind this new public relations campaign is to communicate the idea that U.S. rice is a powerful and delicious nutrient-rich grain that the invited influencers can then share with their networks,” said Asiha Grigsby, USA Rice manager for Western Hemisphere promotions.  “During the event, the attendees tweeted and posted photos on Instagram which helps share our message with more consumers throughout Central America.”

USA Rice will host additional social media influencer events this month:  August 8 in Honduras, August 13 in Costa Rica, and August 23 in Guatemala.

“Over the course of this campaign, we’ll track how many people we’ve been able to influence,” continued Grigsby.  “This, coupled with our other promotional activities, will help increase awareness and hence the consumption of U.S. rice in Central America, our second largest export market.”