Costco Japan Launches Second U.S. Rice Product

Calrose rice packages piled on top of Calrose boxes
Access to the USA Rice recipe page right on the package
Jul 09, 2020
TOKYO, JAPAN – Last week, Costco Japan began marketing a precooked rice product using U.S. medium grain rice as a private branded item.  The new product is sold nationwide at all 26 Costco Wholesale locations and is being highlighted in the company’s consumer magazine.  

The product is produced in Japan from U.S.-grown rice and sold in bulk in boxes – each carton contains 24 180-gram (one cup) rice packages.  The carton features information about Calrose rice, letting consumers know the U.S. rice can be used to prepare various dishes such as curry, risotto, and salad.  The individual packages also have a QR code printed on them with a link to the USA Rice Japan website recipe page.

“Due to the global pandemic, more people are cooking and eating at home,” said USA Rice Vice President International Sarah Moran.  “Rice has become a go-to food because of its versatility and shelf stability, and products like this precooked rice make meals convenient and affordable.”

When the economy begins to reopen, USA Rice plans a promotion of 5-kilogram packages of rice as well as the precooked packages.  Instore promotions of other brands of U.S. rice will be promoted at other retail outlets.