Influencer Program Wraps Up Third Year with Strong Results

2021 FeedFeed Recipe Contest Ad shows bowl of paella with logos and hashtags
Consumers win big with prizes and new recipes, too
Sep 13, 2021
ARLINGTON, VA -- Last month, USA Rice reported another year of impressive returns as a result of the organization’s partnership with thefeedfeed, the food community influencer and recipe production program.  Throughout the three-year program, thefeedfeed curators kept U.S.-grown rice at the forefront of the digital culinary and food space with a combination of recipe development, influencer messaging, and content creation.

Four food influencers were selected to promote U.S.-grown rice and engage their communities in a way that inspires consumption through the creation of sixteen rice recipes accompanied by photography, a blog post, and Instagram post.  These new recipes were then amplified across thefeedfeed’s social ecosystem to maximize reach and will be featured on their site in perpetuity.  Two of the recipes, Mediterranean Rice Bowls and Brown Rice Breakfast Burritos, were also produced into Instagram reel recipe videos and distributed across relevant platforms.

In addition to traditional social media programming, USA Rice and thefeedfeed hosted a month-long recipe contest to encourage their online community to share their favorite ways to enjoy U.S.-grown rice in honor of National Rice Month.  The contest boosted user-generated content from across the country.  

“To date, the combined digital tactics of the 2020-2021 thefeedfeed program has generated more than 26 million impressions and more than 1 million consumer engagements, educating consumers in the domestic market, and keeping U.S. rice relevant throughout the year in our largest market,” said Michael Klein, USA Rice vice president of communications and domestic promotion.  “This strong digital presence and engaging content as a result of this partnership not only connects us with key demographics, but also works to enhance and strengthen USA Rice’s investment into the digital space.”

The 2020-2021 collection of recipes is available on the recipe database.

“Year over year, USA Rice increases its engagement in the social conversation, reaching new and key audiences and exposing them to USA Rice messaging,” said Klein.  “This year’s influencer content yielded an astounding 69 percent engagement rate and really demonstrates how well our messaging is resonating with consumers and how important it is to keep building on this success.”

In addition to the immediate impact of the campaign, USA Rice retains the right to use and access all created recipes, videos, and photos.