Mobile App Directs U.S. Rice to South Korean Wholesalers

South-Korea-Grocery-Store-Promo with store employee handing out brouchures to woman with shopping cart
The personal touch
Oct 29, 2021
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – USA Rice collaborated with Daesang Corporation again this year on promotions at Daesang Bestco, the company’s wholesale markets located in major cities nationwide that target restaurant franchises as well as consumers.

Twelve markets participated this year, setting up promotional banners and having store staff distribute brochures extolling the specific characteristics and advantages of U.S. medium grain rice.  The promotion was announced through a free mobile messenger application called KakaoTalk with an estimated 20 million users.  Each Daesang Bestco market has its own KakaoTalk channel allowing direct sharing of sales flyers with consumers.  

The promotion ran from August through September 2021, and Daesang Bestco reported sales of 162 MT during the two-month campaign, an increase of 157 percent compared to the same two months in 2020.