Domestic Digital Program Delivers Historic Results

Hand holds Spicy-Tuna-Crispy-Rice
How-to videos shows step-by-step recipes
Sep 13, 2022
ARLINGTON, VA -- Last month, USA Rice concluded the fourth year of its digital influencer program that delivered historic results in the promotion of U.S.-grown rice.  The program, run in collaboration with thefeedfeed, curators of the largest digital food & influencer community, works to keep domestic rice prominently positioned in the online food and culinary space through recipe development, influencer activations, content creation, and message sharing.

The combined digital tactics of last year’s partnership with thefeedfeed produced twenty new rice recipes that generated 52.7 million consumer impressions and 5.65 million direct engagements in promotion of U.S.-grown rice.

“These results clearly show consumers are very receptive to USA Rice’s content and messaging as the program delivered close to double the projected results,” said Michael Klein, USA Rice vice president of communications and domestic promotion.  “The historic metrics demonstrate the progress domestic rice is making in the digital space and the strong inroads being established with consumer audiences as we continue to educate and keep U.S. rice relevant throughout the year in the industry’s largest market.”

A team of four culinary influencers promoted U.S.-grown rice and engaged their audiences through the development and sharing of sixteen on-trend rice recipes to inspire additional usage and consumption.  These new recipes got maximum exposure as they also were featured on thefeedfeed universe including their website.

In addition to the influencer content, thefeedfeed produced twelve rice recipes videos, four made from influencer recipes and eight original recipe videos, that were shared on Instagram Reels, TikTok, and distributed across relevant platforms.  

“Another aspect of our successful collaboration with thefeedfeed was a consumer contest during National Rice Month,” said Klein.  “So, we’re hosting a similar contest this year for thefeedfeed followers to share their favorite rice recipes to increase high-quality, diverse consumer-generated rice content from across the country.”

In addition to the immediate impact of the campaign, USA Rice retains the right to use and distribute all created recipes, videos, and photos.  The entire 2021-2022 recipe collection can be accessed and downloaded through the USA Rice recipe database.