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The USA Rice Farm and Mill Tour program provides a unique opportunity for foodservice professionals to enhance their understanding of rice and discover the importance of menuing U.S.-grown rice. The tour allows participants to see firsthand how and where domestic rice is produced and get a glimpse into the many facets of the U.S. rice industry.  

Through this culinary and agriculture showcase, tour attendees are taken behind the scenes of the U.S. rice industry and introduced to sustainable farming and conservation practices to develop a comprehensive understanding of the process that goes into producing the highest-quality rice in the world.

Experience USA Rice's Virtual Farm & Mill Tour

Join award-winning Chef Jerome Grant as you visit U.S. rice fields, experience a grain mill, and meet local rice farmers in this virtual foodservice farm & mill tour. Participants travel to Illinois, California, and Washington D.C as they learn about the domestic rice industry and discover the U.S.-grown rice difference.


Past Foodservice Tours

Catch up on past USA Rice Farm & Mill Tours and hear directly from tour attendees as you learn about the different rice growing states and the importance of sourcing U.S.-grown rice.


Tour Participant Selection

Interested in USA Rice’s foodservice farm & mill tour? Let us know! Applications are open to qualified candidates working within the foodservice space.

About the Program

This all-inclusive program allows participants to experience rice fields in harvest and rice milling facilities as they hear from local farmers and mill operators. The tour program also features a U.S.-rice focused dinner, a meet and greet with local rice officials, and a USA Rice gift bag.

Tour locations change annually to showcase all six rice producing states and tour dates take place between mid-August through October.

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