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Foodservice Rice Resources

Whether you represent an independent restaurant, regional operation, or national chain, USA Rice has resources to help your operation add, market, and better utilize U.S.-grown rice. Enhance your foodservice program with on-trend rice recipe inspiration and custom learning tools or set up a personalized culinary consultation for your operation with USA Rice.

Browse through the recipe database, explore how-to guides, watch chef-hosted training videos, download rice cooking playbooks, and discover what the U.S.-grown difference can bring to your operation.

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U.S. Rice 101 Foodservice Webinar

U.S.-Grown Rice 101 for Foodservice Professionals

This 60-minute webinar explores the ins and outs of the domestic rice industry, the role of rice in foodservice operations, and the trends impacting that role.  Participants will receive 1 CEU following completion of the webinar from ANFP, CDR, and SNA.

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Operator Videos

Discover the basics and benefits of rice’s role in foodservice with USA Rice’s collection of operator-training videos. Hear from award-winning chefs on how rice can affordably enhance menu offerings and learn what U.S.-grown rice can bring to any operation’s menu.

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Operator Handouts

Learn the foodservice fundamentals for domestic rice from understanding different varieties by cooking & kernel characteristics to the most common foodservice rice cooking methods. Find steps to elevate to-go programs, cooking tips, and ways to add more U.S.-grown rice to any menu.

Ready, Set, Rice!

Leftover Menuing Guide

Takeout & Delivery Guide

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Recipe Database

Browse USA Rice’s collection of foodservice recipes. Covering all meal parts and different rice varieties, find the recipe that fits perfectly for you and your operation.

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