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Where Rice Grows

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Where Rice Grows in the USA

Image of the United States with the six rice states highlighted.Each year, American rice farmers sustainably grow roughly 20 billion pounds of rice in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.  Half of the rice crop is consumed in the United States, accounting for 80 percent of the rice consumed domestically.  The other half of the crop is exported to more than 120 countries around the globe.

The U.S. rice industry provides critical jobs in rural areas throughout the country.  As a whole, the rice industry contributes in excess of $34 billion to the U.S. economy annually and provides jobs for more than 125,000 individuals in the United States.

Read more about the importance of the rice industries in the six major rice-producing states.


  • An image of the state of Arkansas

    If you wish to look deep into the heart of the rice industry, look south. Arkansas ranks first among rice-producing states, accounting for more than 40 percent of U.S. rice production—primarily long and medium grain varieties. Rice production is concentrated in the eastern half of the state, stretching from the Louisiana to the Missouri borders.

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  • An image of the state of California

    California ranks as the second-largest rice-growing state in the United States. The majority of rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley, where hot days and cool nights—along with clay soil that holds on to virtually every drop of moisture—create the perfect conditions for growing California’s distinctive japonica rice.

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  • An image of the state of Louisiana

    Louisiana’s cuisine is world famous—due in no small part to its rice! Louisiana is one of the nation’s top three rice-producing states, growing mostly long grain rice. While southwestern Louisiana is the primary center for rice production and milling, rice is also grown in the northeastern part of the state.

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  • An image of the state of Mississippi

    Rice production is concentrated in the northeast area of the state with Bolivar and Tunica Counties accounting for the most rice acreage. The 221 Mississippi rice farms grow mostly long grain rice, which is versatile and widely used.

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  • An image of the state of Missouri

    Southeast Missouri’s Bootheel region is home to the state’s rice industry and produces mainly long grain rice varieties including Jasmine. U.S.-grown rice is well represented in the “Show Me” state’s proud agricultural tradition.

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  • An image of the state of Texas

    The upper Texas coast is home to most of the state’s rice production and milling industry. The Texas Rice Belt plays an important environmental, as well as agricultural, role in the coastal prairie.

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