Market Overview

Since Singapore is not an agricultural producer, it is wholly dependent on rice imports. There are no barriers to rice trade compared to most Asian countries. Singapore is predominantly a long grain consuming market, but there are all types and forms of rice available to the consumer in supermarkets.
While rice imports in recent years have averaged 311,000 MT, an average of 61,000 MT was re-exported, so the total size of the Singapore rice market is about 250,000 MT. The U.S. exported nearly $3.5 million to Singapore in 2019, the majority of which is medium grain milled rice.

USA Rice Activities

USA Rice commenced promotions here in 2019, targeting primarily the importers to increase awareness of the types and forms of U.S. rice available. USA Rice plans to participate in trade shows, conduct menu presentations for the foodservice industry and develop a robust social media presence.

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