USA Rice Briefs Grand Prairie Region Rice Farmers on Export Opportunities and Challenges

IP-Marvin Lehrer
Lehrer leading a retail tour in Mexico in 2013
Aug 07, 2015
STUTTGART, ARKANSAS – This week USA Rice’s Marvin Lehrer was the principal speaker at the annual RiceTec appreciation dinner held here at the Grand Prairie Center.  Nearly ninety local rice farmers attended the event to hear about the opportunities and challenges in moving rice to the key nearby markets of Mexico, Cuba, Central America, and Colombia.

“Mexico remains the top market for U.S.-grown rice, but we need to focus on promoting U.S. rice as s a high quality, consistent, and safe product to ensure we hold on to our market share,” Lehrer said.

Lehrer turned his attention to Cuba, an exciting market he knows well.

“The Cuban market will take some time, but all the signs from Havana and Washington point to changes over the next several years that will result in U.S. rice again appearing in Cuban homes,” he said.  “USA Rice, bolstered by support from the industry, continues to lead efforts in that direction.”

Discussing other markets in the region, Lehrer stated, “Colombia is a resounding success story and a great example of how well-executed trade agreements can create new, vibrant markets for us.”

“We appreciate USA Rice’s strong efforts in opening markets, promoting our product and being with us to inform farmers of developments in the key export markets,” said Wes Long, District Sales Manager, RiceTec.