Rice Wednesday is Back in Mexico

Rice Wednesday is Back in Mexico
If it's Wednesday, it must be U.S.-grown rice
Jun 07, 2016
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO -- The popular USA Rice "Rice Wednesday" promotion is underway here at La Chilanguita, a chain with 11 restaurants in high traffic areas in Mexico City and Mexico State, including its most popular location, Masaryk, the most exclusive area in Mexico City. The promotion will run from June through December although tabletop displays have been informing customers since May about the four U.S. rice dishes available. 


Patrons of La Chilanguita can choose Arroz a La Tumbada (a dish from Veracruz combining rice and seafood), Arroz Frito (fried rice), Morisqueta (a spicy rice dish from Michoacán) and paella.  The restaurant reports the most popular rice dish, generating many repeat visits, is the USA Rice paella.   So popular, in fact, the managers of several locations have chosen to serve the paellas with U.S.-grown rice on Sundays as well. 

Angel Donovan, Executive Chef of La Chilanguita, enjoys working with U.S.-grown rice. He included a popular rice ceviche from his restaurant in the USA Rice "Great Chefs" cookbook in 2014 and has appeared on the Arroz Gourmet TV Shows.

"Since the promotion started, it has inspired me to create new rice dishes to include in the daily suggestions, and the most popular options will become a staple on the menu," Donovan said.

Each month, La Chilanguita purchases nearly 1,500 pounds of U.S. long grain and parboiled rice from Schettino, one of the largest millers/packers in Mexico.