Annual California Field Day Heralds 70th Anniversary of Calrose

2018 CA Field Day, green/gold rice fields with grain bins, red combine, & tour trucks in background
2018 California Rice Field Day - picture perfect (photo by Jim Morris)
Sep 04, 2018
BIGGS, CA -- Last week, the California Rice Experiment Station hosted their annual field day here that included a special celebration marking the 70th year of the release of Calrose 1948, the founding California medium grain variety developed by Jenkin Jones and Loren Davis.  Today Calrose is a market trade name for California medium grain rice and known worldwide.  

Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, the weather, a balmy 77 degrees, encouraged excited discussions and general disbelief.  Attendees told stories of the usually scorching temperatures of previous field days and marveled at the beautiful morning that was 30 degrees cooler than the same day last year.  

Poster viewing was the first item on the agenda, covering various topics from genetic characterization of weedy rice to management of tadpole shrimp with insecticides.  Speakers at the morning General Session highlighted the release of M-210 and M-206, two varieties new to California seed growers that feature a blast resistant gene developed with marker-assisted selection.

Experiment Station staff hosted field tours to showcase research that included an evaluation of new weed control tools, and test plots highlighting successful California rice varieties and those currently in development.  

Field Day 2018 concluded with a luncheon that, along with sushi rolls prepared on site, offered samples of several California rice varieties, including Calaroma-201, the new California long grain variety with a jasmine-like aroma profile and cooking qualities.

“California Field Day 2018 was a great success, thanks to a big assist from Mother Nature and the beautiful weather,” said USA Rice President & CEO Betsy Ward.   “Talking with farmers here from across the region, all signs indicate they can look forward to a healthy crop and a fruitful harvest.”