e-Commerce Session Added to USA Rice Outlook Conference

Headshot of white male with close cropped hair and a goatee wearing an open collar black shirt with company insignia
Andy Halko knows eCommerce
Apr 29, 2019

ARLINGTON, VA – Last year Americans spent more than $500 billion on e-Commerce.  Three percent of that, or $16.5 billion was spent on food and beverage purchases, and experts expect that number in 2019 to approach $20 billion, outpacing the general growth of e-Commerce.  In response, USA Rice has added an exciting session to the 2019 Outlook Conference, “Transact: eCommerce Strategies & Tactics to Drive Sales.”

“Whether you have a major eCommerce presence now that you are looking to expand or improve, or are a small operation thinking about making your rice products available to consumers outside your immediate area, this is going to be a great session with practical advice you’ll be able to put to use immediately,” said Betsy Ward, president & CEO of USA Rice.

The Outlook session will be led by Andy Halko, CEO of Transaction, an eCommerce agency specializing in helping organizations build powerful online stores that attract not just visitors – but shoppers.

“Developing innovative strategies and tactics to obliterate mediocrity, complexity, and ambiguity gets me really excited,” Halko said.  “People who attend my session at the Outlook Conference will walk away with a greater understanding of eCommerce strategy and concrete steps to gain traction in the market.”

"The Outlook programming team is always looking to add new, exciting, and useful content to the conference, so going a little further downstream, past the farm and even the mill, seemed like a great idea," said Ward.  "Halko is a dynamic presenter and his knowledge, understanding, and experience make this session a 'do not miss!'”

The USA Rice Outlook Conference is the largest rice specific event in North America.  The 2019 Conference will take place from December 8-10 at the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Updates are posted to the Outlook Conference website.