Nutrition Professionals Think Rice at 2022 FNCE Expo

U.S.-grown rice is at the center of the action at 2022 FNCE
Oct 17, 2022
ORLANDO, FL -- Last week, USA Rice traveled to Orlando to interact with more than 5,000 dietitians, food policy makers, healthcare providers, nutrition scientists and researchers, and food industry leaders and continue its streak of participation at the annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE).  

As an exhibitor for the three-day conference and tradeshow, USA Rice promoted the U.S.-grown difference, answered nutrition and food safety questions, addressed heavy metal concerns, and distributed industry resources that included recipes, research one-pagers, and teaching tools developed specifically for dietitians, all available from the Health & Nutrition link on

The USA Rice booth featured an interactive rice display that explained the differences in U.S.-grown rice varieties from grain size to applications and nutritional components.  And, of course, everyone got a chance to play the famous Think Rice trivia wheel.

Visitors to the booth heard about USA Rice nutrition and foodservice offerings while having the opportunity to ask questions of USA Rice staff.  Attendees also were surveyed on rice usage, applications, nutritional reputation, and the importance of the product of origin claims to gain stronger insight on rice attitudes and usage.  Once again, participants reported an overwhelmingly positive position on U.S. rice.

“Every year we look toward to this conference because of all the personal connections made within the nutrition space and the interactions with the various stakeholders responsible for supporting healthy lifestyles and shaping food policy,” said Cameron Jacobs, USA Rice senior director of domestic promotion.  “This engagement with dietary professionals gives us a better understanding of current consumer interests and illuminates areas of concern that, in turn, helps guide development of USA Rice educational materials.”