Buy U.S. Rice, Get Recipes for Free

Recipe books on bags of rice stacked on grocery store shelves
Free with purchase
May 04, 2020
GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on consumer habits both domestically and internationally, as people are stocking up on family favorites and staples, such as rice.  USA Rice is taking advantage of this up-tick in rice purchasing and consumption to educate and raise awareness about the many benefits derived from U.S.-grown rice.

Last week USA Rice provided 20,000 recipe books that were attached to bags of rice from Agroindustrias Albay, a Guatemalan distributor of U.S. long grain rice.  The books, attached to individual rice bags with a peel-off adhesive, highlight healthy, easy to prepare, economical rice dishes, and include nutritional and safety tips that are useful during periods of quarantine.

“As people are eating more meals in the home, we wanted to provide an easy way for them to access new recipes,” said Sarah Moran, USA Rice vice president, international.  “Consumers have increased their purchases of rice recently and we want to demonstrate all the various uses of U.S.-grown rice.”
Guatemala has consistently imported U.S. rice for decades, where the U.S. typically has greater than 80 percent market share.  Last year, Guatemala imported 109,654 MT of rice from the United States valued at $35.4 million.